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Real Estate property market web site that enables sellers and buyers to interact. Provides ability to register property for rent or sales. Captures complete details of property including facilities, pictures, cost and so on to enable buyers to make quick and easy decisions. 

Users Panel
  • Sign-on banner gives easy introduction to site
  • Manage Rental Properties Link
    • Ability to Search for Properties available for rent
    • Ability to View Properties available for rent
  • Manage Sale Properties Link
    • Ability to find properties available for sale
    • Ability to View properties available for sale
  • Admin Tools
    • Add Property
    • View/Add Location
    • View/Add
    • View/Add Facilities
    • View/Add Property types
    • Export Property List
    • FAQ Management
  • CMS Section
    • Section Management
    • Category Management
    • Add Page
    • CMS Pages
  • User Panel Management
    • Admin User Management
    • Panel User Management
    • Log Off
Rental Properties Management

This portal has features that simplify managing properties that are available for rent. Some of the features of this web site are as follows:
  • Can Search for Properties by No: of living Rooms, Status, Location, Type, etc
  • Can edit and add properties with complete details
  • Can easily upload floor plan image and property image as pdf, jpg or gif files
  • Easily spot features of the property such as dining rooms, parking, pool, etc
  • Easily specify accessibility to transport (e.g. Bus station, Airport, Tube, etc) and distance (miles) from nearest station
  • Enter details of contact person with email address and telephone numbers (mobile and Landline)
  • Ability to upload up to a maximum of three (3) property images
  • Can mention price of property
  • See details: Displays property image attached with description, address and details of contact person, etc in a user friendly way.
  • See Properties: Allows for easy and swift addition and deletion of selected properties:
    • All existing properties are displayed on a user friendly grid
    • With the help of status code you can easily see the desired property
    • By choosing the Add Property button you can easily add new properties
    • By choosing the Remove Property button you can easily remove a property from the list
    • By toggling the ‘Is Featured’ flag you can easily identify featured properties
    • Ability to easily switch between pages or view all pages
Sale property management

This portal provides application features to manage properties available for sale. Some of the features provided on the web site are as follows:
  • Search Property Panel: Provides user friendly queries to easily search for properties:
    • Can search for property by property type, status, no of living rooms, location etc
    • Once located customers can see property details with price
    • Customers can view the property including the price, contact details and the picture
    • Ability to upload new property images and edit property details
    • A single click is all that is enough to remove images from the list
  • View Properties panel:
    • Shows all registered properties on an easy to operate grid
    • You can easily search for properties by changing the status of the property
    • Scroll through all properties with the help of page list/tab
    • Admin has the ability to easily add new properties
    • Capture Location, property status, title and type, price, etc
    • Enter complete address and description of property to be sold
    • Ability to capture thumbnail images of property
    • Can upload up to 3 full size images of property
    • Other features of property including TV, parking space, pool, etc and transport accessibility
    • And much more…
Admin Tools

Allows administrators to easily manage the site
  • Can easily add new property and set the purpose of adding the property (Rental or Sale)
  • Admin can easily set the status of the property and identify its location
  • View | Add Locations: Users can easily update location information by adding new codes. Users can set location status to determine if location is hidden or visible
  • View | Add Statuses: Ability to update existing status codes or add new ones and set the status name (hidden or visible)
  • View | Add Facilities: provides ability to determine the features of properties to be showed for each property page. You can add new facility descriptions (e.g. Pool), edit existing ones and be able to display or hide facility names
  • View | Add Property Types: Easily determine categories of properties on offer by editing existing categories or adding new categories. You can make categories hidden or visible
  • Export Property List: Admin can export list of sale or rental properties
  • Manage FAQ: Manage frequently asked questions for the benefit of users by:
    • Easily add new questions and their answers and set the position (order) where you expect the question to appear
    • Ability to make questions and answers stand out by applying rich text formatting (bold, italic, fonts etc)
    • Update the FAQ Order at any time by changing order number and save the changes
CMS: Allows easy management of pages, sections and categories. The Features included are as follows:
  • Section management:
      To quickly guide users to the pages and information they need:
    • Add new sections to determine their visibility
    • Existing sections to be edited
    • Unwanted sections to be deleted
  • Category management:
      Create categories for grouping of pages on the site:
    • Easily add new categories and determine the category status (hidden or visible)
    • Existing category codes to be edited
    • Unwanted categories to be deleted
  • Pages CMS:
    • Easily see all pages comprising site in a user friendly table
    • By a single click on a page link opens the page for editing
    • Ability to easily apply formatting with WYSIWYG editor and update page with single click
    • Easily add pages to the correct categories and sections
    • Can determine where pages display by selecting order and position values
    • Set page status (inactive or active)
    • Add Page: Easily create and add new pages, set page category and create text for the page with WYSIWYG tool.
    • Etc
  • Manage Users: Provides tools to manage administrators and other site users:
    • Manage Admin Users: Create and add users with the capabilities of site administrator, add new admin with administrator with validation by user name and password, Delete and Edit administrators.
    • Manage Users: Tools to manage users of the site, add new users with each user supplying user name and password, user notification is via supplied email account, edit user accounts easily, group users by type, delete or deactivate users at any time
    • Log Off: Allows users to log out of site. User name and password validation is required for re-entry
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