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Recruitment and Job Posting Web site developed to bring employers and job seekers under one roof by matching employment opportunities with Job skills. Job seekers can post their resumes browse existing vacancies and apply for jobs while employers can post vacancies (jobs) and look out for right candidates.

User panel
  • Sign-on Banner
  • Area for Job Seekers
  • Area for Job Browsing
  • Resume Search area
  • Area for Employers
  • Easy access to prominent areas of the site arranged on an access bar placed at the top of the screen.
  • Area for Advertisement
  • Scrollable slide shows of companies advertising on the site
  • Sites can be added to Favorites list
  • Ability to subscribe to Rss Feeds
  • Users are enabled to share site information facility with popular social  
  •     networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, My space and over 200 other sites
  • Toolbar download is available to enable easy access to the site
  • New Users can register by providing User name, Password and email address
  • Access to Critical areas such as Job Seekers area and Employers area regulated by username and password validation.
  • Site can easily be forwarded to friends and other interested parties
  • Feedback and user comments can be sent back to web master.
And much more…

Employers Area

In this portal employers can register and post vacancies that are to be filled. The features provided by the portal are as follows:
  • Employers can register themselves with the latest facilities
  • Easily and effectively search for employers using different search keys
  • Capture company logo during registration with the help of modern and easy to operate upload tool
  • Will be able to promptly identify employer payment status (unpaid or paid)
  • Integrates company email alert through Company email ID
  • All employers are conveniently listed on a grid for easy and effective administration
  • Personal Administration of employers area via Log On
  • Job Posting: Employers can post new jobs with all details through single button
       click from Employers area:
  • Capture complete details of the Job being posted with job title and other important details
  • Employers have the choice to conceal contact details or reveal these to employers
  • Employers have ability to specify method of contact (e.g. Email, Telephone, etc)
  • Employers profile can be amended easily or even removed
  • Summary information for each employer makes it simple to identify number of resumes posted for an employer along with number of job announcements made by that employer
  • Employers list can be ordered or sorted selectively
  • Ability to determine number of employees put up per page and easily navigate between pages
And much more…

Job Seekers Area

This is the area where Job Seekers register themselves and upload their resumes to the web site. A multitude of features make it easy and helpful to navigate and work within this area of the web site. Some of the features provided in this part of the Web site are as follows:
  • Job Seekers can register their details by the means of a user friendly page with complete details.
  • Required fields are precisely marked with a red asterisk during registration
  • Resume can be uploaded to the site as Ms Word or Adobe Pdf document
  • Job Seekers can receive notification via email address
  • Job Seekers can pick any job type desired (e.g. full time or part time employment)
  • Cover letter will be easily attached to registration details
  • Access validation is through user email and password
  • Job Seekers can easily search for jobs by the means of a user friendly query
  • Applied jobs can be easily viewed as well as effectively managed
  • System has the ability to track last login and very well allow easy removal of Job seekers from the list
And many more…

Admin Panel

Provides a way for administrators to manage the web site. Some of the features of this panel are as follows:
  • Access to the Admin panel is through secure validated user name and password login
  • Forgot Password feature helps admin instantly to retrieve lost password
  • Sign-On Banner visibly presents the name of site
  • Site displays name of user currently logged on and shows date and time of last login
  • Top-right hand corner shows home link so that Admin can without any difficulty return to Home page from whichever location on site Admin is present
  • Log-out link for swift and easy logout
  • Settings link at top right corner takes admin directly to Change configuration Section where admin can set and specify configuration for the web site
    • Administrative Section of the Change Configuration Page allows admin to set the Page Title, Welcome message and Company Copyright information
    • The Administrators Information Section in the Change Configuration Page enables Admin to set and specify Company’s Name and copyright message
    • Job Posting price (US$) Section allows admin set job price for a span of 30   or 60 days
    • Resume Credit Section is used to set minimum expected credit balance
    • Administrators Instruction Section lets Admin to add instructions for other Administrators present in the site
    • Admin can set and specify pay pal account ID and Pay pal account mode (e.g. Live/Real Mode, Test Mode)
    • Admin is enabled to upload banner image
    • Admin is enabled to upload any desired logo image
    • Save Changes button allows Admin save all entries or amendments with a  single click
  • Control Panel page is displayed upon access, shows currently logged on user, along   with links to Content Manager, Accounts Manager and Logout.
    • Choosing the Accounts link will bring you to the change profile page where  admin can without difficulty reset profile through a user friendly interface, 
    • mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*), amendments are saved by clicking the change Profile button/
    • Change Password feature allows admin quickly change passwords with the help of a user friendly page, old and new passwords must be provided,  amendments are saved through a change password button
    • Change password and Change Profile are also available via the menu bar displayed below the sign-on banner, Accounts menu also provides the Update  Profile link to take you directly to the Update Profile Page and Change  Password link to take you directly to the Change Password Page
  • Content Manager lets admin to manage all pages on the site. This feature is also   available through the CMS menu on the access/menu bar
    • Able to view pages by type (e.g. Fixed Pages or Custom Pages)
    • Able to create new Fixed Pages in a user-friendly manner, by entering the page name and then clicking the Create Page button to add the page to the site.
    • Admin can create fresh and new Customer Pages in a user-friendly manner, by entering the page name and then clicking the Create Page button to add the page to the site.
    • Admin enables itself to add new content to the currently selected page or delete the particular page content
    • Page content is added through a full-featured WYSIWYG text editor
    • Admin can instantly change the status of a page (Active or Disabled) by simply double clicking the status icon for the desired page
    • Admin enables itself to set number of records displayed per page by entering a value in the show box at the bottom of the page
    • Admin can edit and manage Meta Content for each page (e.g. Meta Keywords to be used by Search Engines, Page Header Name, Page Title, Meta descriptions, Other Tag, etc)
  • Admin can view all Employers and add new Employer records by the means of a user friendly page, where required fields are precisely marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Ability to search for employers by pacing the correct key (e.g. First Name, etc)
  • Company logo can be easily uploaded when creating an employer record Employer record
  • Employers can be categorized as Unpaid or paid
  • Admin can perform actions on Employer records which include Deleting, Sorting, Editing, Viewing, etc
  • Admin can see all existing Job Seekers through a user friendly user interface
  • Admin can perform various actions on Job Seekers which include Status change, Deleting, Viewing, Editing, Searching, etc
  • For each existing Job Seeker, Admin can see total jobs applied for
  • Admin can add new Job Seekers via a user friendly page and upload the Job Seeker’s resume in pdf format
  • Mandatory fields on the Job Seekers record are pointed with an asterisk (*)
  • Admin can see all mails sent to Web Site Owners/ Web Master from site visitors and delete those no longer required with the help of Contact Us Management Section page
  • Admin can create and manage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the benefit of customers, Admin can Change FAQ Status, Order FAQ, View FAQ, Edit FAQ or  Delete FAQ)
  • Email manager provides user friendly interface for Admin to Create and Save Email templates, view existing mails, send mails to all users, and delete mails no longer required
  • Admin can add, edit and delete categories/Captions (e.g. Travel and tourism, Web   Designing, Technology, etc) and change the status of each
  • All categories/captions are prepared as an Excel Spreadsheet file and then uploaded bulkily.
  • Admin can add captions for Job Post Experience (e.g. Pharma, Banking etc) so that   customers can select a broad area of experience, list can also be prepared as Excel  spreadsheet and then uploaded bulkily
  • Can add captions for Job Title (e.g Veterinarians, User Support Technicians etc) or upload an excel spreadsheet file
  • Can add captions for known languages (e.g. English, Russian etc) or upload an excel spreadsheet, customers will later opt for the languages they are able to speak from this list through the User Panel
  • Can add captions for Level of Education (e.g. MBA, Post Graduate etc) and Major Education (e.g. Marketing, Sociology etc) that users will select when posting Jobs or  creating resume
  • Can add options for Years of Experience (e.g. 8-10 Years, > 20 Years etc)
  • Can add currency options (e.g. USD, EURO etc) to allow customers select desired currency
  • Can add list of Regions (e.g. Americas, Europe etc) and list of countries (e.g. India,   USA, Brazil, etc) so customers can identify and pick their exact location
  • The Resume Package option lets Admin to delete, add or edit Resume Packages, set  number of Resumes that may be uploaded per package and the price of each package
  • The Bulk Job Package option lets Admin to set Job Package details which includes the  Discounts Allowed and the number of Jobs Per package
  • The Payment Manager Link lets Admin to manage payment links which include the  Email ID, Transaction ID, Billing Amount, etc

And much more…
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