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The Ecommerce related questions and answers are written to help you gain a better understanding of an Ecommerce websites and how they work.

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What is E-commerce?
E-commerce is a convenient and affordable way to sell products or services online.
E-commerce software and service such as PayPal and others enables individuals to maintain an online business while performing transactions right from the web.

What is Online payment processing?
When a customer purchases products from your site with a credit card, you or your site software will request approval that the card is valid and that sufficient funds are available in the customers account for the purchase. On approval, the bank will reply with an authorization number and the order will be officially "captured". In the next step, the merchandise or service is sent to the customer and the Merchant informs the bank where the merchant account is held. The bank then deposits funds into the Merchant Account as the customers account is debited the cost of the products. The bank of your merchant account will remove the necessary service fees and complete the transaction.

What are the first things to consider when starting up an online business?
Find a niche product line that sells well online. Without a niche product, you will have a difficult time seeing success on the internet, no matter how elegant your store designs and layouts are. Be sure that the products you choose to sell can be sold online.

Conduct product research to find out how many others potentially compete with you and who they are. If you can offer store customers a better price or have the ability to innovate the way in which it’s sold, then you have successfully found a niche product line for yourself and should consider adding those items to your catalog.

What is a merchant account?
All merchants of all sizes and types of business must open a merchant account in order to receive credit card orders and clear the transactions. The merchant account acts as the deposit location for the customers money. The bank that you choose to house your merchant account will take a small percentage of the sale as a service fee. This fee is extracted at the point of each sale.

What is the biggest challenge in starting up a successful online business?
The most challenging aspect of starting and opening an online store is getting customers to know who you are, what you offer and where to find you. It is difficult to get customers to your store if they don’t know about it or your products. In other words, marketing is the most challenging part and takes the most time to perfect.

Even if you manage to build a great web store and sell a terrific product, it doesn’t guarantee people will find you online or buy any products unless they know your company name or domain location. Making your store visible to potential buyers means employing tactics that are proven to increase online visitors and conversions. Typically, a well planned search engine optimization and online marketing strategy will be enough to get your store in front of many potential customers looking for what you sell.

Do I need a merchant account or can I just use paypal and money orders?
Online shoppers today like to have choices when buying the things they like from web stores. Rather than limiting your customers to one choice when paying it is better to offer several ways for them to buy. For merchants who are just starting out it may be tempting to go with a free payment option like paypal rather than investing to get a merchant credit card processing account. Before you decide, it’s best to consider what the fee structures of your options are like and how much per transaction they charge. It may cost more to get a merchant account up and running, but the process will be worth it in the long run as you will probably get more converting customers by offering options.

Having Paypal alone as a payment option has drawbacks that may be difficult to overcome. For instance, they reserve the right to freeze funds, so you may be without your money or unable to accept payments. paypal doesn’t give you the ability to process orders off your web store. You may wish to manually collect payment information on some orders and you won’t be able to do that with paypal. You may have to wait longer to get your funds deposited into your bank account. Although the process is easy, it may be a hassle for your customers to register with Paypal before ordering with you. It may also be difficult to setup recurring payments for your customers if that is a requirement with your eBusiness.

How do I accept payments by credit card?
Firstly you need some secure method of collecting credit card details from your customer. Most storefront services or shopping cart software offers this facility. You then have the option of processing these details manually, or using an online credit card authorization system to process the payments. This is obviously preferable, but there is an additional cost. Finally, you normally will require a merchant account with a bank or other financial institutions in which your payments can be deposited. Note that not all merchant accounts are suitable for internet payments. It is possible to find payment processors who do not require a merchant account, however these companies inevitably have higher charges.

How can I ship or deliver the goods sold?
For sale of small quantities, you can directly send the goods at the address provided by the customer. However, if your shop really attract a lot of customer, and you are making a lot of sales, you can make an arrangement with bulk goods suppliers who can take the burden of packaging and delivering of goods from your head for both local, national and international customers.

How to provide a good service to my customers?
Even if you attract a lot of initial customers on your online store, retaining them or getting their word of mouth publicity would be very difficult if you are not providing a good service to your customers. The first place to provide customer service should be built in the site itself.

However, enhancing customer satisfaction can be a big task itself to have professionals to bring their experience into it. For studying the profile of the customers from detailed research of your web site traffic, consultancy work in customer satisfaction and developing tools for your web site.

How do I get customers to visit my site?
You have to work at it. Don't expect customers to come flocking to your web store once you set it up. Marketing is the hardest, but most important, part of selling online. You can use search engines, banner ads or advertising mail shots to attract customers. You can add content or community features to your site to try and increase traffic, and therefore increase the chance of making a sale. You can use off line advertising. If you do decide to open up an E-commerce operation, nine times out of ten it will be the effectiveness of your marketing that will make the difference between success and failure.

How do I obtain a credit card merchant account?
Most banks and financial institutions offer merchant account services. Check with your current bank and ask for an application. There are also companies that specialize in providing merchant account services in addition to the lease and sale of credit card terminals, processing software, etc. These companies are listed in abundance in the phone book or via a search on the web for "merchant account providers".

How do I collect orders on my web site?
The most common methods are using a simple online order form, or a shopping cart system with an order form. Once your customer completes your online order form the order can be delivered to you via email, saved to a text file or saved to a database file on your web site for you to retrieve. Upon receipt of your customer's order you can submit their credit card and payment information to your merchant account provider and deliver your product or service.

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