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Elance Clone (Complete Freelancer Web site)

Clone of the Freelancer web site providing full security access. Entry requires user name and password validation.

User Panel
This is the area where users interact with the web site. The Features are as follows:

  • Welcome banner
  • Log-out button importantly displayed to enable users to easily log out of the web site
  • Easy navigation back to home page with the help of Back To Home button
  • Provides links to the Payment Management, Content Management, User Management, Report Management Category Management, Admin Management, Project Management, Log-Out and Announcements
  • Admin Management: Provides ability to administer site in a secure manner:
      • Secure password change through change of user name, password, update and email
      • Can reset email original values, user name and password

  • User Management:
      • Search for Procurer
      • Easily locate distributors
      • Addition and management of user emails
      • Send emails to users via supplied email address
      • Email messages can contain message body and subject title
      • Easily browse existing users with, Last page | Next page tabs, First Page | Previous Page

  • Category Management:
      • Add categories so that site projects can be easily grouped
      • Edit or delete existing categories as needed
      • Easily search for and work with existing categories

  • Content Management: provides features that simplify management of the site:
      • Credits
      • Easy location of contact information
      • Provides access to policies, terms and conditions
      • Provides assistance to users through FAQ’s and answers to those questions.
      • Site Map along with tips on how to use site efficiently and effectively

  • Project Management: Tools to manage, edit and add projects posted on site along with bids on those projects:
      • Manage Projects and bids:
        • Add new projects with sub category,  project budget, project description and category
        • Easily locate projects, searching by subcategory and category
        • Easily pick total number of bids placed on project
        • Ability to meticulously remove selected projects
        • View all bids along with project name, bid date and name of bidder (procurer)
        • Easily place new bids on existing project with complete details
        • Ability to remove existing bids
        • etc

  • Payment Management:
      • Manage payments, precisely showing the payment status and the amount to be paid
      • Ability to enter and charge commission percentages
      • Track withdrawals made along with balance outstanding
      • View commissions payable
      • etc

  • Report Management:
      • Track project status report parallely with work completion times
      • Distributor reports displaying location and country of each distributor
      • Procurer report showing contact email, business name and average rate charged by each procurer.

  • Announcement Management:
      • Post new announcements parallely with subject message and date of announcement
      • Can edit existing announcement
      • Ability to delete obsolete announcements
      • etc

  • Log-Out: Allows log-out from system prompting user to confirm log-out action.
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