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E-Commerce Dynamic Solution


An electronic shopping portal that helps customers to shop and pay for variety of products through the internet. It provides numerous products that customers can purchase with different payment options.

User Panel

Customers make use of the user panel to shop and do their business online. Some of the features of the web site include the following:
  • Customer Login is by email address and password validation
  • Customers without difficulty can view new products and services put forward by the online store by clicking - What’s New.
  • Customers can see network of stores by clicking - Our Shops
  • Ability for each customer to view summary of order by clicking - Your Orders
  • Notification of special offers is done via email
  • Customers without difficulty can locate the required item by clicking a category on the - Category box.
  • Products area can allow customers to easily see a product
  • Price information is mentioned along side the item to allow customers to make a quick decision
  • Multiple items will be enabled to be added to cart by the customer
  • All transactions are validated through customer login (email and password)
  • Create Account page provided to allow new customers to easily create a page, requires fields are precisely marked with an asterisk
  • Customers can use the search tool visibly displayed on main page to easily search for and locate products.
And much more…

Admin Panel
Provides integrated tools that allow site administrators easily manage the site. Some of the features of the administrator panel are as follows:

  • Access to Admin panel is through standard user name and password validation
  • Logout button is visibly displayed at the apex of the screen to facilitate instant logout.
  • Home link is displayed along side the Logout button to allow Admin instantly return to home page from any location within the site
  • Major administration areas are mentioned along the top of the screen and as well listed on a panel to the right for very easy access
  • Admin Management: Enables change of user names, passwords and email addresses
  • Content Management: Ability to manage the pages that develops the web site, Admin has the facility to add or edit new content or existing content.
  • Admin has also the facility to add and edit product categories
  • Product image and product category can be simultaneously uploaded
  • Product categories can be selectively deactivated, activated or deleted as the need arises
  • Can add, edit and deactivate users by the means of User Management tool.
  • Ability to post blogs and manage the same by appropriately adding, deactivating and  deleting selected blogs
  • Admin can send emails to desired groups of users (e.g. Only Active Users, News  
  • Readers or All Inactive Users), or to all users.
  • New mails can be created with the help of a user friendly mail editor and additional files will be sent attachments.

  • And much more…
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