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Business Network

Online networking portal that allows professionals and users to network professionally and in business environment.
User Panel
Users make use of the web site through this site. Some of the features provided by this site are as follows:
  • Very appealing (inviting) opening screen
  • Log-in is validated through email and password
  • Site visibly displays number of members currently logged on the front page
  • New members can join by clicking the Join link and then creating a user profile in a user friendly page
  • Full access to all pages on the site is only through validated member login otherwise access to some site features is limited
  • Integrated Videos present users with events and discussions by site members
  • Site search is used to easily search for members
  • Access bar (menu) placed below the sign-on banner allows instant access to other parts of the site
  • Visitors can without difficulty find out the goals and visions of the site by picking the exact links(goals or Vision) on the access bar
  • Site eco-system (upcoming events, featured videos, blog posts, new members, etc ) all available through the community link at the apex of the page.
  • Members can get in touch with live chat
  • Members will be able to upload photos and videos
  • Discussion boards allow lively online interaction between site members
  • Members can develop sub-eco systems by starting new groups or merging with existing  ones
  • Integrated events calendar permits members to view featured events or start new events with the built-in agenda
  • Members can post classified advertisements and receive messages by the means of the same portal
  • Ability to search for advertisements
  • Classified can be sorted by its type or nationality
  • Visitors can without difficulty send feed back to site owners by the means of the contact us link
  • Members can have personal membership page, business portfolio, photos, etc
And much more……

Admin Panel

The Admin Panel provides features and tools to allow the site administrators manage and control the site. Some features involving are as follows:
  • Admin is permitted to easily log out at any time through the log-out link displayed below the sign-on banner
  • Articles: Permits admin to search for articles and perform actions on those particular members email addresses
  • Admin has the ability to add question categories by which questions can be grouped
  • Can read questions and mark them as read and unread and delete which are no longer required
  • Ability to erase classified advertisements
  • Race verification allows access to posted race information
  • Admin can mark members as featured and remove featured members, events, videos, photos and groups
  • Admin can access, edit and delete member records
  • Admin can delete event and groups records
   And much more……
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