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Integrated web site designed for product launch planning. Provides features that assist prospective or established entrepreneurs conceive a product, construct a sale or production plan, brand and implement it, source manufacturing partners and distributors. Provides an efficient and effective portal to connect product owners with manufacturers, distributors and other service providers.

User Panel

Web site users (customers) work through the user panel which provides a complete web site for customers to instantly get at the required resources. Some of the features of the user panel are as follows:
  • Sign on banner importantly announces the purpose of the site, site has beautiful colors and appealing theme
  • Scrollable text provides below sign on banner pushes visitors to try the site with a bold start for free invitation
  • How it works link provides prompt guidance for novice visitors, provides detailed steps on how to get started, offers a start for free link
  • Start for free offers two precise options: Launch Product line or Bid on Project with a bold continue button to encourage visitors on
  • Account Registration is via a user friendly page. Required fields are marked with an asterisk
  • Information capture on registration page is authenticated by the help of a hologram that the user must retype, Hologram can also be by means of audio challenge
  • Privacy policy and Terms of service are also available through links on the Registration page that a customer must accept
  • Customer can also choose to optionally receive special offers during registration by simply checking the exact check box
  • Special offers and other notifications are via email address
  • Registration form provides precise information on pricing with a break down for payment processing, service charge, shows methods of payment (e.g. credit card, Pay pal etc)
  • Full access to site is through validated logon using email and password
  • My Dashboard allows customers initiate new actions (e.g. Product lines or new bids),etc
  • The Resources link gives access to published articles on different products & topics complete with photo thumbs, also gives links to books for sale with price listed so that customer can instantly add to cart
  • Customer can send link of the prescribed item for sale to a friend.
  • Return can customers can express interest to buy, billing information is sent to email address
  • Items for sale are precisely described for customers benefit
  • Customers can mention a different shipping address for each product
  • Customer can see shopping cart at any time by clicking the shopping cart link at the top left corner of the home page
  • At every point during shopping, an edit shopping cart link enables customer to instantly see details of items purchased and provides a Remove link so that customer can easily remove some items
  • Bid on projects link gives service providers and manufacturers direct access to currently available projects
  • Projects available to bid on are precisely grouped by Legal services, business, packing, manufacturing and product development, internet services, etc
  • Each category provides sub categories that show total number of projects available to bid on
  • For each project, information displayed include Post Date, Time left, Project name and Budget along with total number of bids placed on a project
  • The Blog link enables customers to read blogs
  • Front page provides direct links for visitors to browse featured lines, premium Services and manufacturers and service providers
  • Links at the bottom of the page provide significant links to site policy, and press releases
  • The Advertise link enables advertisers to purchase advertising space of different sizes,payment for advertising can be done immediately through VISA, Master Card etc
  • Home link enables customers to easily return to home page from whichever location they are on the home page
And much more…

Admin Panel

Enables site administrator to easily manage and administer the site. Features of the admin panel includes the following:
  • Access to admin panel is by the means of secure validated user name and password login
  • Forgot password link presented on Logon Page allows Admin to instantly recover lost or forgotten password
  • Notification for lost password and other general notifications are via email
  • Company name displayed at the top left corner with the description ‘Administration module’ by which the user knows exactly what module is being used
  • User Friendly (balloon type) menus istantly besides company name lists available menu options as you point to each menu
  • Name of currently logged on user is mentioned besides the Logout link
  • Logout link enables Admin to leave the Administration module securely and quickly
  • Welcome home Page is the start up page to display and shows last login date and time
  • Welcome Home Page lists description of all features available in the Administration module, allowing Admin without difficulty to get at any desired feature
  • Admin can directly come back to Home page at any time by choosing the Home Page Link
  • Admin can change Administrator password account in the Change Account//Change Password page, current and new passwords are required to effect change, a single Save button allows password change to be effected instantly
  • Admin can add a new user at any time in the Users//Add User page, All required information (e.g. Email Address, User name, Password, etc) are marked with an asterisk, A single Save button allows new user to be saved
  • Admin can view all users in a user friendly list table/Grid that allows admin to perform quick actions with user records (e.g. Sort User records, Delete user, Disable user, edit user,  etc)
  • Ability to define sub categories and new categories in the Category/Add Category pag to be used for grouping products
  • New Categories can be created or existing ones amended
  • Can view categories and sub-categories in a user friendly table that allows Admin to instantly perform desired actions (e.g. Delete Products associated with category, Enable or Disable Visibility, Edit category, Delete Category, etc)
  • Ability to see total number of products associated with a category and directly access List Products page to see the product
  • All items on Categories and sub-Categories List are grouped and precisely delineated by neat and concrete lines for easy reading
  • Admin can add new products with complete details on the Products//Add Product page
  • Product Details include Title, Image, Author, Description Price, etc, necessary fields are marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Admin can upload Product Image for the benefit of customers
  • Admin can see all defined products in a user-friendly list and perform quick actions on each product (e.g. Disable Product, Delete Product, Enable Product etc) Definitive Product List can be returned by searching for products that meet a specified criteria (e.g. By Minimum Price, Maximum Price, Keyword, etc)
  • Admin can see all customer orders in a user friendly list and perform instant actions with each order
  • Admin can view, Print or delete an order
  • Admin can easily search for a specific order by Zip Code or Date, etc
  • Search Results are mentioned on a Table and can be sorted by Order Date, Customer  Name, Amount, etc
  • Admin can see list of all projects in a user friendly table and disable/enable projects
  • Project List can be sorted by Status, Post date or Name
  • Admin can view all payments made and outstanding
  • Commissions can be set for each product by entering a commission percentage and then saving it
  • Admin can edit and manage the static pages consisting the site, simply select the page to edit it in a WYSIWYG editor and then choose Save to save content
  • All page editing/content editor located on same page, giving a user friendly, intuitive environment for work
  • Additional Web Site Resources that can benefit customers huddled under the Resources section for easy management
  • Admin can add fresh articles for Sale in the Add Articles Page
  • Each new article can be added to the Correct Category (e.g. Cosmetics, Marketing, Jewelry & Accessories, etc) for the advantage of customers
  • During Article creation, Admin must upload article image for the benefit of customers, can enter a comprehensive description of the article
  • Admin can see created articles in a user friendly table and perform actions on those articles(e.g. Sort, Disable or Enable Article, Delete Article, edit article, etc)
  • Admin can access and manage all categories in a user friendly table, edit and delete categories
  • Admin can perform and maintain Advisory services
  • Advices mentioned as a user friendly list so that Admin can sort, delete, view advices, etc
  • Admin can create Email/Newsletter and send to all users via the Newsletter/Alert page
  • Admin can automatically add all subscribers or all users to email list
  • Emails can be saved as templates that can then be later reused and retrieved
  • Emails are created in a user friendly WYSIWYG text editor
  • Quick links at the bottom of the page for visitors to view Legal Notices and Privacy Policy
  • Quick Help provided to admin users for most features throughout the page
And much more…
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