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Who We Are

We are busy designing, deploying and managing projects of exceptional quality at a reasonable cost. Our clientele ranges from small firms to major ones, with varying project sizes.

Ecommerce web design Dubai’s passionate and extremely talented staff is committed to your success and provides individual attention and flexibility to you. We'll guide you through the process with intelligence, honesty and clarity and create exceptional results.

We speak English fluently. We love what we do and like to keep things simple, this reflects in our process, our design, our development and integration.

We respect our clients and appreciate their willingness to strive for success. We at Ecommerce web design Dubai are specialists when it comes to the medium of design and excel in advising and implementing the best possible solution for you. Our happy clients include high-profile individuals, startups and small to large sized businesses

Ecommerce web design Dubai is privately held and organized around its principles, which work collaboratively or independently according to the project. Clients work with a single lead partner always in overall control with no intervening account management. Located in the UAE, Ecommerce web design Dubai serves companies on a local, national and international level.

Design Process

Our process is the industry standard: Discovery, Design, Development, and Delivery.

In the Discovery Phase of the project we consult with you to determine your goals, needs and desires for your project. The initial Discovery Phase helps us to clearly define the scope of your project and give you an accurate cost and time estimate. During this phase, we will meet with you either in person or by telephone to discuss your goals, vision, and business.

Ecommerce web design Dubai will request all marketing collateral that you may have used or currently use to promote your business. Once the scope of the project is determined, we will create a Project Definition Document outlining all the specifications required for your project along with time and budget estimates.

Based on the information we have gathered in the Discovery Phase we begin designing your project. An area on our Client Extranet will be set up so you can view the progress of your project. Ecommerce web design Dubai will provide Design Comps for your review. Once the design direction is approved, we will begin the Development phase, where we build your project.

Once your project has been built we will upload it to a test server and make sure it works on the target platforms and browsers determined in the Discovery Phase. After the testing is completed and the project has been approved we will take your project live.
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